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Message from Chairman & CEO

El Nubar is a company built on many principles. Efficiency, Effectiveness, Respect & Accuracy. But the principle we pride ourselves on having is Integrity. We believe in Integrity, to each and everyone in our company and outside of it. We treat all of our stakeholders with integrity. We believe that it is the main reason for our reputation in the market.

We are a company that operates in multiple different fields. We have thankfully found success in those fields, we attribute that to our Integrity in our work. To any potential customer, worker, or partner; Integrity is the Nubar Guarantee.

El Nubar is a heritage for me a school that started before I was born, and ever since I stepped foot in it. I have done nothing but learn. You are not born a CHAIRMAN & CEO, you find your way there. Throughout my way I have learned. Now, we have an El Nubar Mentality. This mentality and way of conducting business, not just with partnering companies or with clients but more importantly with ourselves here in our Company. We instill these principles into employees; no matter what level they are in: Senior or Junior. These principles alongside the talents and expertise of our staff; are what led us to the place we are in today. As industry leaders in multiple fields in Egypt. These principles are why you should join us. We created them in the past, we use them now and we will develop them for the future.

Tamer Abdou