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El Nubar trading is a conglomerate working in multiple high scale industries both in the private and public sectors.

Our company operates in industries such as Construction, Power Solutions, Communications and most recently importing and Exporting.



Our history dates back fifty years, starting up in 1969 operating mainly in the field of electrical supplies and installations. Our founder Eng. Mohamed Abdou made sure that our company participates in multiple industries.

Working in the banking industry as well as mega-projects such as The High Dam. This started a long working relationship between our company and the Egyptian Government, which has branched outside the Power Solutions industry. Making its way to the exporting industry alongside the construction industry.

Our company operates not only on the national level but on the international one as well. Our priority is always to build a long-term working relationship with anyone and everyone. Accordingly, our values are Agility, Innovation, and Integrity. We succeeded with these principles and we are building towards our future using them.