Ministry of Interior: 

  • Police Supply Hospital – Nasr City
  • Passport office – Agouza
  • Anti-Narcotics General Department
  • Officers Affairs Sector
  • Human Relations Department
  • Weapon licenses department
  • General Adminstration of Cairo Investigation – Bab Al-Khalq
  • Investigation of taxes and fees department
  • General Adminstration of Inspection and Control
  • The General Adminstration Of Criminal Investigation
  • Central security sector
  • General Adminstration of Recruits Affairs
  • General Administration For Information & Documentation
  • General Adminstration of Legal Affairs
  • Public Security Authority
  • Passports, Emigration & Nationality Administration – Mogamma El Tahrir
  • General Administration of Police Clubs and Hotels
  • General Administration for Implementation provisions
  • Constructing the fence between the Nasr Company stores and the Central Security Camp
  • Computer lounges at the Prisons Authority
  • Foreign Ministry Legalization Office
  • Police Officers Insurance Fund Press – Al Darrasa
  • Police  Hospital
  • Mubarak Police Hospital
  • Police Station – Badr City
  • Police Station – El Nahda City
  • Police Station – Al Amiriyyah
  • General Adminstration for Training Security Forces Hospital – Mubarak Camp

Ports & Airports:

  • Passports, Emigration & Nationality Administration – El Salloum Port
  • Passports, Emigration & Nationality Administration – Sharm El Sheikh Airport
  • Port Security Authority headquarters
  • Computer lounge at the Arab Academy for Maritime Transport – Ship Control Point – Sharm El Sheikh
  • Computer lounge at the Arab Academy for Maritime Transport


  • Intensive care building, Burns Department, Ain Shams University Hospital
  • Roof insulation, supply and installation of new tanks on top of the Ain Shams University hospitals
  • Ultraviolet radiation unit – venereal diseases in the outpatient clinic of Ain Shams University Hospital
  • Police Supply Hospital – Nasr City
  • Police Hospital
  • Mubarak Hospital for the Police Authority
  • General Administration Hospital for Training Security Forces (Mubarak Camp)

Ministry Of Defence and Military Production: 

  • Alexandria recruitment and mobilization area for the armed forces
  • Computer lounge and information systems for the armed forces
  • Computer Lounge of the Military Academy
  • Computer Lounge of the Evacuation Fund for Officers of the Armed Forces
  • Computer Lounge of the Presidency of the Republic
  • Aircraft collection facility at Al-Maza Air Base – Ministry of Defense commanded by the Air Force
  • Supply and Provision House Authority
  • Minya Governorate Theatre
  • Army Stadium in Suez
  • Interpretation Center for The Department of Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance

Ministry Of Transportations:

  • The work of the ends of the lines of the governorates (Cairo – El Beheira – Qalyubia)
  • The marina of the river bus in Al Qanatir Al Khayriyyah
  • The process of isolating the basement of the Garage Of Port Said Trolley
  • End of lines station in the Huckstep
  • Computer Lounge of the Microfilm Library
  • The Garage of Gesr Al Suez
  • The Garages of Al-Munib and Badr
  • The Garages of(Nasr Al din – Autostrad road – Almaza – Amoun – Nasr City – Roxy Square – Gesr Al Suez – Athar an-Nabi)

Petroleum sector:

  • Misr Petroleum Company

Various Projects:

  • Arab Academy For Science, Technology & Maritime Transport – Alexandria
  • The National Organization for Social Insurance building
  • Academy For The Scientific Researches And Technology of Karaman Island – Sohag
  • the sixth and seventh districts of El-Hadaba El-Wosta – Mokattam
  • Headquarters of the State Council
  • Senfa – Mit Ghamr, Dakahlia Governorate
  • El Balyana – Sohag Governorate
  • Dekernes City – Dakahlia Governorate
  • Family housing, the second and eighth neighborhoods, Obour City